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Lies and slander

All of Oz is ever on alert.

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Shiko Baby
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All of Oz is ever on alert.

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I'm so tired and I just found a roll of toilet paper in my bed. Wonder what that means.

I have this uber long post to do about awesomeness with Shyko, and lots of pictures, but the other night I tired writing this four times and each time my power went out and I lost it ALL. So it doesn't get to be written tonight.

Old to do list:
Get my drivers license (Frickin almost there! I kept being thwarted!)
Get some books on Photography
Practice with my new camera
Clean my room
Make room pretty
Get a new bed that doesn't squeak or move
Check out Show Cases prices (Enrolled in a class at KSU instead.)

So I wanted to sign up for this photography class at KSU, mom and dad were all like yep, and then all of a sudden nope. They wanted me to go to Roswell instead, but couldn't find one, so Saturday they wander in and go, oh yeah, we signed you up for class it starts Tuesday see ya!.

Weeeelll needless to say I was horribly nervous, but it all worked out ok, I even ran into a girl named Meg, who I sat with, the only girl in the class my age. I'm excited, but i need some things...

Liiiike, a cleaning kit for starters. That's really all I need for now...other things I need when I can take a decent picture is a Skylight filter, and a zoom lens...and a flash! I know it sounds crazy, but operating a manual camera like that is pretty complicated. But the first day of class went great, I understand enough to take my first few snaps and know I'm not shooting on the same frame, and a general idea of how much light certain f-stops let in. Oh, and um, a camera case...need one of those too.

Tonight I went out to take a few shots of the moon over our weeping cherries, I take one and realize the shutter speed is to fast and wont let in enough light and change the speed way down, and felt weird knowing that. Then I whirl around AND ALMOST HAD A FREAKIN HEART ATTACK because my mother face is pressed against the glass door looking out at me.


Mom: I was gonna protect you!

Me: HOW!?

Mom: Well if something grabbed you I'd have seen and told your father :D

Me: ....

I feel like I'm being hurled through this week, tomorrow is already Thursday and according to my new buddies in the choir it's Maundy Thursday, or Holy Thursday. Well, I'm baptist and never did that but hey, why not. I got another long song of DOOM to sing tomorrow, and choir practice ran uber long tonight and it felt like we sang twice as hard, I'm so tired.

That's all I got for now.

I suppose you all saw Mr. Tyler's silly delicious post. There was much maniacal laughter on his side on the phone while he did that. :D
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