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Lies and slander

I will never say no, to Mr. G.I. Joe

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Shiko Baby
Rather good?

I will never say no, to Mr. G.I. Joe

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mew mew!
Friday I was finally feeling loads better, man was I glad to be over that. Shyko's musical was that night at 7:30 so I went and bought her some flowers and went on to the school. It always feels weird to be back in there, I bought my tickets (and SO could've paid the student price but I didn't lie )
I got in and saw Torrie pretty fast and Cory both whom I hadn't seen in a while, I think it'd been a year since I'd seen Torrie, she looks just the same. I sat in a row and it wasn't long after that I spied Darth and Abbie, I wasn't sure how that was gonna go over.

Darth gave me a very scary look and pointed at me and then pointed up. Like : "YOU.UP.NOW." It was all good we hugged and talked a bit.

Me: What time does this end anyway?

Abbie: Dunno, why.

Me: you know I gotta let dad know.

Darth: What you got something better to do??

Me: EEP!

Abbie: Yeah you're coming with US after this. Where am I gonna put her...


The musical started and it was pretty cute. Shyko was SOO cute up there dancing. We had some favorites moments.

This G.I. is following this girl around and being really persistent.

G.I.: Come on just give me a chance!

*after like three days of this*

Girl: Just get lost already!

G.I.: Ok..

Girl: What do you mean OK?

G.I.: I mean...ok?


I liked it. Afterwords we gave Shyko our flowers, and I went back stage multiple times to help her carry stuff. We all piled in Abbie's car and got some food, then beat it to Shyko's house where we talked about everything under the sun including why we call viewing, viewings and not wakes, and listened to Shyko lament about trio (which I hope went alright). Shyko let us know at 12 we had to leave. (she had to sleep because she had trio and other musical performances in the morning.)

Shyko seemed really glad to see us all there and getting along, Abbie and I pretty much explained that in the long run, women have estrogen, and stuff happens.

This is my watered down version of things, I have more to write.

Tomorrow is choir and I get to sing 'Old Time Religion' arranged by Moses Hogan. (of course this is a very old hymn) But I love anything arranged by that man)

<--- This guy? My musical hero

See ya

♥ Shiko
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