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March 10th, 2006

Don't tell anybody but I went out and bought that Super Princess Peach game for DS, I wish estrogen really worked like that.

It makes MY estrogen level goes up just playing it!

After struggling and much lamenting (well kinda) I finally finish a level. (some levels are easy and some...are just weird)

Peach: That was easy!


Well I mean it is frustrating when you can see the hoop at the end of the stage and then you get killed by a FLYING...EMO...TURTLE!! (seriously it cries)

I've almost got it beat though, one more stage and then the last battle, I've had it less than a week.

Practice went good, we are doing a piece arranged by Moses Hogan on Sunday so I am quite happy.

Shyko's musical is tomorrow night, I can't wait to see it.

I had a lot more to type but it's gone now. Oh well, better luck next time.

♥ Shiko

March 8th, 2006

To Shyko

Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Hippo Birrddyyy

Happy happy birthdaaaaaaaaay to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


I wish I could give you ballons right now :D


Well Sunday did go well thanks to support from my family and Shyko but right after that, mom and I caught some sort of creepy virus, ugh I haven't been able to handle food since Sunday night. Image hosting by Photobucket

To anyone else that has this, I'm so sorry it really sucks. I've had 2 meals in the past to days. I really hope i don't just collapse into myself.

Going to practice tomorrow anyway though. I seriously hope I don't pass it on to anyone but, uh I wanna go.Image hosting by Photobucket

Everybody keep Shyko in your thoughts this week as she is overloaded with just about everything, from trio to musical. ♥

Not much else to say, there is no need to elaborate on this subject. We have citrus spray (rather than Lysol), the house smells like a moldy creamsicle, that's all you need to know.

♥ Shiko

March 6th, 2006

Musically infatuated

Ok sorry I wrote and wrote about OMG choir practice on Wednesday!!! and then didn't write after that. Image hosting by Photobucket

Wednesday I was, very nervous and didn't realize the that service I had to go to first was an Ash Wednesday service. I come from a Baptist church, while I didn't go but a few times a year, I have always been Baptist and was active when I was younger so really the that's all I'm familiar with. Well, I mean, Baptist just don't DO the Ash Wednesday thing. However I went, the Methodist confused me a lot, I got ashes put on my forehead.

Then I wiggled my way out and found Mister Martin who seemed glad to see me (I wonder if he thought I wouldn't show?) and let me to the music suite where I stood around awkwardly while he introduced me and handed me a hymnal. I got seated and introduced like 2 more times as "Ashley Cowart who was in my program for FOUR years!" someone chimed in "and she still wants to be here???" I laughed a lot. That would've never happened at school, he is much more mellow.

I loved rehearsal, I really did. I got a piece of music he wanted me to learn by Sunday and I was ecstatic. I sang and I am a bit rusty, a few more rehearsals and I think I will be back in the swing of things. I mean I had no trouble sight reading other than getting off because I was trying to look at the notes and the words at the same time. So I was told I'd have to share a robe on Sundays and I went home.


Shyko decided to be the sweetest thing ever and come to see me sing on Sunday, even though she is kinda churchaphobic (I am to a little bit, which is ironic now...). I found the room easily and came in and stood till they noticed me and gave me a robe of my very own! Image hosting by Photobucket

Then they gave me a black folder and I got my hymnal book and they already had my name on a shelf to put my stuff. We practiced for a bit a went out into the sanctuary. I saw Shyko sitting with my parents and felt better knowing she had found them. I didn't fall, trip on my robe or disgrace the family in any way. I did ok on the songs, I sight read the hymns ok. Because I still don't really understand the methodist ways, I got confused like they broke into the lords prayer once adn randomly sand some song they all some how knew. One day I will get the hang of it, church confuses me. I did enjoy myself though.

After the service was over I found Shyko and she walked me back to the music suite and told me my mom cried! Shyko and my mother told me later I had a very joyful expression on my face. ( I was so happy to be singing again!)

So there you go. Another update tomorrow.

♥ Shiko

March 1st, 2006

Me: wish me luck tomorrow is first choir practice I'm so nervous D:


Shyko: Don't worry.

Shyko: Everyone is so nice.

Me: ;_;

Shyko: Not just cause they go to church etc

Shyko: They'll be so pleased to have you

Shyko: They'll love you just be yourself : )

Me: ;_; k

Me: I should tell them about Jesus!

Shyko: NO


Me: but


Me: but I

Shyko: NOPE

Me: Not even the part about moses?

Shyko: NO




Me: My version is accurateeee!

Shyko: no.

Shyko: go to bed.

7 pm tonight :D I'm nervous and happy all at once, my stomach can't take it. Tee hee.

ALSO!!!!!!!!! CLICK HERE NOW Shyko is now finished with me. I'm so proud :D

This is the picture she based it off. She took that picture of me at a restaurant before prom.

♥ Shiko

February 27th, 2006

Today my parents returned, I cleaned the house exactly one hour before they got back home. There was congealed bacon grease in the sink, Riley was on the sofa, for some reason I put the peanut butter in the fridge, pots and pans ever and my bathroom looked like it exploded. I got it all fixed before they got here though, heh.

Later in the evening I went and rode with mom to the cemetery (it was raining to hard the other day to go) they did a good job, all the flowers and the tent is still there though. Mom and I joked a bit and left, and got food. We were in Roswell and mom felt like it was a good idea to randomly go walk at the little part on woodstock road, so we did. You would think this would atleast be pretty normal. But no matter what we do it always turns out weird. Image hosting by Photobucket

Mom: This'll be good for us, a nice walk on a nice day to calm our frazzled nerves after being at the cemetery.

Me: *hands stuffed in pockets* Sure. *nod nod*

Mom: Yes a nice wa-- *stops*

Me: What?

I look where mom is looking at the foot of the trail there is a sign that says:

Beware of Coyotes!!!

Dogs must be leashed at ALL times

Me: *Big grin*

Mom: DOGS?? What about small children!?

Me: They have leashes for children. *continues walking*

There was much joking about being attacked by hungry coyotes while we walked. It was so funny.

Mom: You think we could do a normal thing like go for a nice walk, but NO! We have to watch for damn coyotes! Lurking around every pine tree! Liable to snatch babies out of carriages!

Me: *dying laughing*

So yeah, that was my day. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment early in the mornin', not for anything in particular though. It's the last day my insurance is in affect so I need to get my prescriptions filled now. Mom tried to get me to stick my head under my bed or my dresser so I'd suck dust up and get sick. This is my mother Image hosting by Photobucket

If Shyko post the picture before she goes to bed, I'll edit and post it.

♥ Shiko


Image hosting by Photobucket Shyko is all done with me!

I hope there is a picture posted tomorrow, I want to see teh awesomeness that is my face. There is nothing awesome about my face and that sounded wrong. *cough*

So Flyff, Flyff is good, I helped make a guild and they taught me better ways to level myself, made new friends, somehow became captain. Then trauma, drama and guildies leaving to do other things. Then some of us making another guild. It's fun, and again somehow I became a kingpin. Our leader does a good job but it's still little and has a long away to go, not many people join because there is no incentive to join. Though she wants ranks to be based off who is more helpful and kind to other members. So we'll see, I like it there, I've made more friends. Yay.

Also I am now 2 levels from 50, I need to buckle down and serious level though, it's taking longer to solo and I don't want to get left behind. No, you will never see me running around darkon asking for plvls, I just don't...LIKE the idea of relying on power levels. I mean if some of my friends a few levels higher want to party or bug me till I say yes, then ok, I don't ask for them. ANYWAY, now I'm excited because 60 is with in view Image hosting by Photobucket It's gonna take awhile but YAY!

I have some caps to load up soon.


I'm nervous, and excited all at the same time. Image hosting by Photobucket

Mom and dad are still AWOL, I like having the house to myself. Though in the morning the wind is strong and the house sounds like it's dying >.>


♥ Shiko

February 26th, 2006

What more do you want?

Me: you have to go back to SCHOOL tomorrow!

Shyko: I don't wanna don't make me think about it.

Me: There is no such thing is school

Me: You get free cupcakes forever and daisies are growing out my eyes.

Shyko: ew.

Shyko: I don't want your eye daisies.

Oh well, I tried.

All you get is convos today. I'll update something useful when I finally wake up from finally going to sleep. Maybe.

♥ Shiko

February 25th, 2006


Shink says:
i wonder if they messed up the eye colors of her on purpose...

Shiko says:

Shink says:
i cant remember her name right now...the girl with pink hair that likes saske

Shiko says:
oh her

Shink says:
ones paler than the other

Shink says:
i notice it everytime they show her now

Shiko says:

Shink says:
except that time they where the same O.o

Shink says:
gah now i'm confused >.<

Shiko says:

Shiko says:
*hugs* XD

Shink says:

Shink says:
*sniff sniff*

Shink says:
its a consperacy against me >.>

Msn conversation that made me laugh, if it doesn't make you laugh at least you'll be confused by Shink and Shiko, nyah Image hosting by Photobucket


Still have a big entry to do about flyff, things are good there, I am two levels from 50 now. Lina even let me borrow her school uniform, Misty suit makes me look like a pimpstitute.

I finally email Mr. Martin about join his choir, this is what I got back:

Hi Ashley. I'm glad that you are interested in singing at Hillside.
All you need to do to join is come to choir practice on Wednesdays at
7:00 and sign up. Looking forward to seeing you.

Simply reply for an email that seemed so hard to send. I'm actually really excited.

Still don't feel like myself, tomorrow I will go and see that they did a good job at Betty's grave, then mom and dad are leaving for two days. I'm not going. I'd much rather just stay here.

♥ Shiko

(The history channel was on behind me and I tuned in long enough to hear: "They had only one explanation. The glaciers, were possessed by the devil." Ah, history.)
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