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I am...moving. Not away from LJ of course! Blasphemy! But seriously, I've debated on whether or not I should make a new journal, because I have had this journal for about 4 years. When I make this move, it's permanent, I promise no 2 month journal hops. It's just that when I made this journal shortly before the end of my sophomore year, I made it off this pen name I had on a poetry site because I couldn't think of anything else, and the name was already taken, so I changed guardian to guarDAIN which is now really, REALLY lame. I hate it when people ask why I misspelled my own journal name D:

It's hard to leave behind 4 years of journal entries but perhapses we shall make four more :D

I'd really appreciate if all the ones I love would add the new journal, and once again, it will never change again. :D So don't make me sad ADD ME!

Tomorrow or so I will begin updating here: shiko_sempai



PLEASE ADDDDDD MEEE! I will be adding all of you :D

<3 Shiko

PS: So far megmog loves me and sweetkisses13 too! :D YEEEEEY
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