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Lies and slander

IT'S EVERYWHERE!!!!!! *shakes*

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IT'S EVERYWHERE!!!!!! *shakes*

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Shyko called me about 9:30am and I was begrudgingly getting ready for church. It's not that I didn't want to go, it's just my bed was calling my name. We talked for a bit then I told her to go and called Abbie and call me back.

Shyko: How much are we betting that she isn't gonna go?

Me: Five bucks...well imaginary five bucks. :D

She giggled and hung up and I finished getting ready. I never did hear back from her before I left. This week things went surprisingly smooth and we got there on time. Hardly anyone was in the choir room when I got there to put my robe on. We practiced Leaning on the Everlasting Arms a bit then went out. I loved singing Leaning, its so much fun, th pastor was a funny guy today too.

After church I met up with Hay like always and we walked back down to the music suite.

Me: So I take it we won our imaginary five bucks? What'd she say?

Shyko: She didn't even pick up, I even called her home phone. *giggles*

Me: I was so gonna say that. XD

<3 you Abbie =D

I really wanted to hang out with Shyko today, I mean REALLY wanted to. But mom and dad were going up to Bunny's mountain house for the day, and wanted me to practice with my camera, so I decided to go along. I really didn't enjoy myself, and yet I did. After sitting on the back portch for awhile I ventured down a giant slope into a hole where a creek started, and go a few shots with the FOGILIZER and the Halo filter. And for the sake of Shyko I decided to draw a "Helpful diagram" to show you~ Ok it's a crap for crap drawing I did in pen that took my five minutes to amuse you all. Humor me. Anyway after treking down and losing my ability to hear my concerned parents on the portch I took some intersting shots and got to the very bottom where a creek started I got in the mud, it was very shallow and took all kinds of shots and suddenly realized when ever I turned around there was a spider web. For those of your who don't know--I HATE SPIDERS! I like to look at them, and read about them, but I don't like to encounter them so close to my face in the wild where they might carry me away and suck out my bodily fluids. (They were only a half inch long but you can't be to careful, what if daddy spider had been around?).

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Well..so..it's not really a diagram. But I said that. Point is. I laid belly down in the mountains on someones PRIVATE PROPERTY! North Georgia is not a good place to lay on peoples property, THATS how you get shot at by angry farmers and I don't need anymore disfiguring scars! (I enjoyed doing it though. And surely someone with such pretty purple flowers planted in front of a river wouldn't own a semi automatic weapon used to shoot at skinny amateur photographers!) And in the end I was covered in pollen. I think it was even in my belly button. I'm dead tired. I hope I don't have to do anything tomorrow. *giggle*

Well goodnight all.

OH YEAH! Mom took this picture of me shortly after I returned from the Gorge of DEATH and the watery pit of shiko eating spiders. (they hungerrrr...) I cropped it so I'd be to the side and not centered, but she pretty much just caught me leaning against the porch with my camera bag.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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