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Lies and slander

I remember there were cliffs and magic everywhere...and Mel Gibbson!

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I remember there were cliffs and magic everywhere...and Mel Gibbson!

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Meh I'm tired.

Friday I went to see Ice Age 2 with Shyko. She and her dad and Robby came to pick me up and then she proceeded to drive to the theater under her dads instruction. I only felt like I was going to die a few times. Mostly it was her dad screaming at her that threw her off.

I'm going for my permit Thursday no matter what, and I will have my permanent license in 2 months, so help me. I am 19 years old and finally I feel the need to be able to walk out when I want, and go where I want, and do what I want.

Anyway, the movie was cute, Shyko talked almost all the way though it, not really at me, but at the movie.

I got home and showed mom Shyko's drawing of me, and we both were like *_* how'd she doooo that. It really is awesome. She did have something to say about my nose though. -_-

Saturday I went to see my niece and nephew. Aubrey was extra cute. She immediately wanted us to play with her blocks and she kept asking me for certain letters and I wasn't really paying attention because you lined them all up in a row but you know how little kids blocks have like something on every side? Like if it's an L it has a Lemar, and a lake and blah. Well she had the pictures up, so when she got about done I started flipping up the blocks so I could see the letters and I'll be damned if it didn't say


One L because she only has one. "Georgia bulldogs, Ash!" I almost died. Then she did the same thing but with her name. Not bad for being 3.

I came home and some how slept early, but when I had to get up at nine I wanted my hour of sleep back. Damn you daylight savings. Church Choir went fine, half the choir was gone again because of spring break. Shyko came again, she seemed glad to about spring break, I have her back Azu Manga Daio, and we talked about all the manga Sara still has.

And tonight I got Double Dipped Fried chicken. Made by my momma, sooo gooooood.

Alright, I updated. YAY!
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