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Lies and slander

Chicken why do you betray me?

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Chicken why do you betray me?

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mew mew!
Well I haven't updated but I either had no time, or no use to post. Pointless I say.

I finally went and checked out the Art Institute of Atlanta, it's great. I'm glad I went because I really didn't feel like it was the right place for me at all. I want to take my ACT and a few workshops and then apply.So we'll see what happens.

Room is clean.
That's right.

Had to battle mutant mold monsters and nearly died of dust inhalation but hey, done now. My shiny new T.V is up and is so awesome it might turn into a Gundam and fly away. I have new curtains coming and now I need Shyko's daddy to show me how to use my camera so I can take some pics to put on my wall. I have...pictures of me, and of me and my sister. I NEED PICTURES OF MY DANG FRIENDS!

Choir rawked. Another lady noticed that I'm not someones kid hanging out but an actual member, help me remember her name is Kim.

After choir I stopped by McDonalds with mom and dad and when we pulled to the first window I thought I heard a familiar voice so I looked up and she looked at me and said:


Me: Hey! How are you?

(I knew her voice and face and knew we knew each other but the name was a blank)

I'm great! I had a baby!

Me: REALLY? What is it? I mean...girl boy? What's its name?

Preston *smile* I still have the comic you gave me! I framed it, and put it on my wall!

Me: *shocked* haha!

Then we said bye and I had to go get my food. But oh man that was weird. I remembered we had several classes together, she was cool. Last I talked to her she was going to get married and she said she hadn't wanted to have children right away. She wasn't kidding! Mom and dad were overly impressed she'd mentioned my comic, I wasn't I was flattered, but just shocked to see her. I didn't regonixze her at first because she had put on some weight, she must have just had her baby. She seemed so happy, and it made me happy, but felt weird.

I have other stuff to talk about but it so doesn't fit in with this post.

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