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Make millions with mulch!

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The other day I was telling Shyko about seeing this GIANT sign whiel going down highway 9 that said 'COWART'S MULCH' (Cowart being my last name) She drew this comic.

Me: (11:17:28 PM): in the very beginning it totally looks like we're driving through the amazon.
Shyko (11:17:35 PM): its pine trees
Me (11:17:48 PM): I know but the house also looks like a straw hut

Shyko (11:17:54 PM): ITS NOT
Shyko (11:18:02 PM): ITS A...PINE HUT
Me (11:18:05 PM): jungle adventuuuure
Shyko (11:18:07 PM): NO
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