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April 27th, 2006

Anchors away!

I am...moving. Not away from LJ of course! Blasphemy! But seriously, I've debated on whether or not I should make a new journal, because I have had this journal for about 4 years. When I make this move, it's permanent, I promise no 2 month journal hops. It's just that when I made this journal shortly before the end of my sophomore year, I made it off this pen name I had on a poetry site because I couldn't think of anything else, and the name was already taken, so I changed guardian to guarDAIN which is now really, REALLY lame. I hate it when people ask why I misspelled my own journal name D:

It's hard to leave behind 4 years of journal entries but perhapses we shall make four more :D

I'd really appreciate if all the ones I love would add the new journal, and once again, it will never change again. :D So don't make me sad ADD ME!

Tomorrow or so I will begin updating here: shiko_sempai



PLEASE ADDDDDD MEEE! I will be adding all of you :D

<3 Shiko

PS: So far megmog loves me and sweetkisses13 too! :D YEEEEEY

April 24th, 2006

Shyko called me about 9:30am and I was begrudgingly getting ready for church. It's not that I didn't want to go, it's just my bed was calling my name. We talked for a bit then I told her to go and called Abbie and call me back.

Shyko: How much are we betting that she isn't gonna go?

Me: Five bucks...well imaginary five bucks. :D

She giggled and hung up and I finished getting ready. I never did hear back from her before I left. This week things went surprisingly smooth and we got there on time. Hardly anyone was in the choir room when I got there to put my robe on. We practiced Leaning on the Everlasting Arms a bit then went out. I loved singing Leaning, its so much fun, th pastor was a funny guy today too.

After church I met up with Hay like always and we walked back down to the music suite.

Me: So I take it we won our imaginary five bucks? What'd she say?

Shyko: She didn't even pick up, I even called her home phone. *giggles*

Me: I was so gonna say that. XD

<3 you Abbie =D

I really wanted to hang out with Shyko today, I mean REALLY wanted to. But mom and dad were going up to Bunny's mountain house for the day, and wanted me to practice with my camera, so I decided to go along. I really didn't enjoy myself, and yet I did. After sitting on the back portch for awhile I ventured down a giant slope into a hole where a creek started, and go a few shots with the FOGILIZER and the Halo filter. And for the sake of Shyko I decided to draw a "Helpful diagram" to show you~ Ok it's a crap for crap drawing I did in pen that took my five minutes to amuse you all. Humor me. Anyway after treking down and losing my ability to hear my concerned parents on the portch I took some intersting shots and got to the very bottom where a creek started I got in the mud, it was very shallow and took all kinds of shots and suddenly realized when ever I turned around there was a spider web. For those of your who don't know--I HATE SPIDERS! I like to look at them, and read about them, but I don't like to encounter them so close to my face in the wild where they might carry me away and suck out my bodily fluids. (They were only a half inch long but you can't be to careful, what if daddy spider had been around?).

Helpful diagram of going down the hillCollapse )

Well..so..it's not really a diagram. But I said that. Point is. I laid belly down in the mountains on someones PRIVATE PROPERTY! North Georgia is not a good place to lay on peoples property, THATS how you get shot at by angry farmers and I don't need anymore disfiguring scars! (I enjoyed doing it though. And surely someone with such pretty purple flowers planted in front of a river wouldn't own a semi automatic weapon used to shoot at skinny amateur photographers!) And in the end I was covered in pollen. I think it was even in my belly button. I'm dead tired. I hope I don't have to do anything tomorrow. *giggle*

Well goodnight all.

OH YEAH! Mom took this picture of me shortly after I returned from the Gorge of DEATH and the watery pit of shiko eating spiders. (they hungerrrr...) I cropped it so I'd be to the side and not centered, but she pretty much just caught me leaning against the porch with my camera bag.

pictureeeeCollapse )

April 18th, 2006

Wow last week was the busiest week I've had in a looooong while.

After Tuesdays successful first photography class, I had a loooong choir practice practicing the long songs of doom for Thursday and Easter. Thursday was Maundy Thursday, which will forever be known to me as emo church day. I sang about a 15 page long song about crucification everything was quiet and in the end we had to DEPART IN SILENCE.

Friday was the long awaited day of the Cherokee country art festival, where I got to see Shyko's portrait of me on display there. It looked awesome, and the other art from our school and the other schools was just incredible. I really enjoyed going, now being able to understand my Nikon I shot a picture of Shyko looking up at the portrait of me. Then she and I wandered out into a massive and old cemetery where we took some shots. I love taking pictures with her because she is an artist, and has good firm grasp on perspective where sometimes I tend to center a pic. Hopefully someday soon I will get to actually own my portrait, hehe.

Saturday was the only day I did, nothing, I took up the rest of the shots in my camera, but other than that? Nothing. I had to call Uncle Bob to tell me how to get my film out *cough* luckily I didn't figure out on my own, because I had not even thought that I needed to rewind my film. With his help I got it out and loaded some color film in with no problems. I got the first roll EVER developed on my 35 mm. And some of them actually turned out ok! I really expected them to all turn out sucky. Uncle Bob sent me some more helpful emails on where and what kind of lens I should get next.

Here are five black and white photos I took on the 35 mm. If you wanna see 'em =D

What do you guys think?Collapse )

I have some more scans in color. I'll put them up if anyone wants. I'll probably put them up anyway *shakes fist*

Sunday went well, it was happy and I sang my last long song, we then went up to sisters house and saw my cute niece and nephew. Oh, and Shykos dad, gave me like, a million filters to play with! Mwahahahaha. For today Dad took me to the Roswell mill ruins and Founders cemetery where I took more shots. Right now. I'm tired. Tomorrow it starts all over again with photography class. Woo! I need a note pad. *someone remind me!!!!!!!!!!!*

You know I've wanted to make a Deviant art account for a long time for poetry and stuff but never really did, I think I will make one now, for when I start being able to shoot better pictures. (I'm not like OMG I ROCK! I'm gonna make a deviant art account! I'm not, I actually wish some of my other much more talented friends in the areas of art and writing would make one *cough*ShykoandSara*cough* )


April 13th, 2006

All of Oz is ever on alert.

I'm so tired and I just found a roll of toilet paper in my bed. Wonder what that means.

I have this uber long post to do about awesomeness with Shyko, and lots of pictures, but the other night I tired writing this four times and each time my power went out and I lost it ALL. So it doesn't get to be written tonight.

Old to do list:
Get my drivers license (Frickin almost there! I kept being thwarted!)
Get some books on Photography
Practice with my new camera
Clean my room
Make room pretty
Get a new bed that doesn't squeak or move
Check out Show Cases prices (Enrolled in a class at KSU instead.)

So I wanted to sign up for this photography class at KSU, mom and dad were all like yep, and then all of a sudden nope. They wanted me to go to Roswell instead, but couldn't find one, so Saturday they wander in and go, oh yeah, we signed you up for class it starts Tuesday see ya!.

Weeeelll needless to say I was horribly nervous, but it all worked out ok, I even ran into a girl named Meg, who I sat with, the only girl in the class my age. I'm excited, but i need some things...

Liiiike, a cleaning kit for starters. That's really all I need for now...other things I need when I can take a decent picture is a Skylight filter, and a zoom lens...and a flash! I know it sounds crazy, but operating a manual camera like that is pretty complicated. But the first day of class went great, I understand enough to take my first few snaps and know I'm not shooting on the same frame, and a general idea of how much light certain f-stops let in. Oh, and um, a camera case...need one of those too.

Tonight I went out to take a few shots of the moon over our weeping cherries, I take one and realize the shutter speed is to fast and wont let in enough light and change the speed way down, and felt weird knowing that. Then I whirl around AND ALMOST HAD A FREAKIN HEART ATTACK because my mother face is pressed against the glass door looking out at me.


Mom: I was gonna protect you!

Me: HOW!?

Mom: Well if something grabbed you I'd have seen and told your father :D

Me: ....

I feel like I'm being hurled through this week, tomorrow is already Thursday and according to my new buddies in the choir it's Maundy Thursday, or Holy Thursday. Well, I'm baptist and never did that but hey, why not. I got another long song of DOOM to sing tomorrow, and choir practice ran uber long tonight and it felt like we sang twice as hard, I'm so tired.

That's all I got for now.

I suppose you all saw Mr. Tyler's silly delicious post. There was much maniacal laughter on his side on the phone while he did that. :D

April 3rd, 2006

Meh I'm tired.

Friday I went to see Ice Age 2 with Shyko. She and her dad and Robby came to pick me up and then she proceeded to drive to the theater under her dads instruction. I only felt like I was going to die a few times. Mostly it was her dad screaming at her that threw her off.

I'm going for my permit Thursday no matter what, and I will have my permanent license in 2 months, so help me. I am 19 years old and finally I feel the need to be able to walk out when I want, and go where I want, and do what I want.

Anyway, the movie was cute, Shyko talked almost all the way though it, not really at me, but at the movie.

I got home and showed mom Shyko's drawing of me, and we both were like *_* how'd she doooo that. It really is awesome. She did have something to say about my nose though. -_-

Saturday I went to see my niece and nephew. Aubrey was extra cute. She immediately wanted us to play with her blocks and she kept asking me for certain letters and I wasn't really paying attention because you lined them all up in a row but you know how little kids blocks have like something on every side? Like if it's an L it has a Lemar, and a lake and blah. Well she had the pictures up, so when she got about done I started flipping up the blocks so I could see the letters and I'll be damned if it didn't say


One L because she only has one. "Georgia bulldogs, Ash!" I almost died. Then she did the same thing but with her name. Not bad for being 3.

I came home and some how slept early, but when I had to get up at nine I wanted my hour of sleep back. Damn you daylight savings. Church Choir went fine, half the choir was gone again because of spring break. Shyko came again, she seemed glad to about spring break, I have her back Azu Manga Daio, and we talked about all the manga Sara still has.

And tonight I got Double Dipped Fried chicken. Made by my momma, sooo gooooood.

Alright, I updated. YAY!

March 30th, 2006

Well I haven't updated but I either had no time, or no use to post. Pointless I say.

I finally went and checked out the Art Institute of Atlanta, it's great. I'm glad I went because I really didn't feel like it was the right place for me at all. I want to take my ACT and a few workshops and then apply.So we'll see what happens.

Room is clean.
That's right.

Had to battle mutant mold monsters and nearly died of dust inhalation but hey, done now. My shiny new T.V is up and is so awesome it might turn into a Gundam and fly away. I have new curtains coming and now I need Shyko's daddy to show me how to use my camera so I can take some pics to put on my wall. I have...pictures of me, and of me and my sister. I NEED PICTURES OF MY DANG FRIENDS!

Choir rawked. Another lady noticed that I'm not someones kid hanging out but an actual member, help me remember her name is Kim.

After choir I stopped by McDonalds with mom and dad and when we pulled to the first window I thought I heard a familiar voice so I looked up and she looked at me and said:


Me: Hey! How are you?

(I knew her voice and face and knew we knew each other but the name was a blank)

I'm great! I had a baby!

Me: REALLY? What is it? I mean...girl boy? What's its name?

Preston *smile* I still have the comic you gave me! I framed it, and put it on my wall!

Me: *shocked* haha!

Then we said bye and I had to go get my food. But oh man that was weird. I remembered we had several classes together, she was cool. Last I talked to her she was going to get married and she said she hadn't wanted to have children right away. She wasn't kidding! Mom and dad were overly impressed she'd mentioned my comic, I wasn't I was flattered, but just shocked to see her. I didn't regonixze her at first because she had put on some weight, she must have just had her baby. She seemed so happy, and it made me happy, but felt weird.

I have other stuff to talk about but it so doesn't fit in with this post.

Stole this from sweetkisses13

First meme in foreverCollapse )

Megmog must be extra special to get two powers.


March 28th, 2006

Make millions with mulch!

The other day I was telling Shyko about seeing this GIANT sign whiel going down highway 9 that said 'COWART'S MULCH' (Cowart being my last name) She drew this comic.

CrazynessCollapse )

Me: (11:17:28 PM): in the very beginning it totally looks like we're driving through the amazon.
Shyko (11:17:35 PM): its pine trees
Me (11:17:48 PM): I know but the house also looks like a straw hut

Shyko (11:17:54 PM): ITS NOT
Shyko (11:18:02 PM): ITS A...PINE HUT
Me (11:18:05 PM): jungle adventuuuure
Shyko (11:18:07 PM): NO

(no subject)


I am probably going to hurt you.

But not really.

That website, isn't offline.

Because it says files T-Z are down for maintainace.

R and S are before T.


They've been up this whole time.

infact i made it download for me just now.

SO while i will probably have to hurt you at some point. Go download now.

Or Die.


(apologizes for not updating Life is crazy)


But not really >.> ♥

March 12th, 2006

Friday I was finally feeling loads better, man was I glad to be over that. Shyko's musical was that night at 7:30 so I went and bought her some flowers and went on to the school. It always feels weird to be back in there, I bought my tickets (and SO could've paid the student price but I didn't lie )
I got in and saw Torrie pretty fast and Cory both whom I hadn't seen in a while, I think it'd been a year since I'd seen Torrie, she looks just the same. I sat in a row and it wasn't long after that I spied Darth and Abbie, I wasn't sure how that was gonna go over.

Darth gave me a very scary look and pointed at me and then pointed up. Like : "YOU.UP.NOW." It was all good we hugged and talked a bit.

Me: What time does this end anyway?

Abbie: Dunno, why.

Me: you know I gotta let dad know.

Darth: What you got something better to do??

Me: EEP!

Abbie: Yeah you're coming with US after this. Where am I gonna put her...


The musical started and it was pretty cute. Shyko was SOO cute up there dancing. We had some favorites moments.

This G.I. is following this girl around and being really persistent.

G.I.: Come on just give me a chance!

*after like three days of this*

Girl: Just get lost already!

G.I.: Ok..

Girl: What do you mean OK?

G.I.: I mean...ok?


I liked it. Afterwords we gave Shyko our flowers, and I went back stage multiple times to help her carry stuff. We all piled in Abbie's car and got some food, then beat it to Shyko's house where we talked about everything under the sun including why we call viewing, viewings and not wakes, and listened to Shyko lament about trio (which I hope went alright). Shyko let us know at 12 we had to leave. (she had to sleep because she had trio and other musical performances in the morning.)

Shyko seemed really glad to see us all there and getting along, Abbie and I pretty much explained that in the long run, women have estrogen, and stuff happens.

This is my watered down version of things, I have more to write.

Tomorrow is choir and I get to sing 'Old Time Religion' arranged by Moses Hogan. (of course this is a very old hymn) But I love anything arranged by that man)

<--- This guy? My musical hero

See ya

♥ Shiko

March 11th, 2006


So much to update on. I had such a good time last night, Shyko did great, I got to see Abbie and Darth.

Update coming your way as soon as I have coherent thoughts again.

♥ Shiko


For those who asked about coming to hillside tomorrow it is right across from Rosecreek and across from the publix up there.
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